Add-on Cooling

Celsius Heating & Cooling Ballarat are able to offer a range of add-on cooling options for your Gas Ducted Heating. We can include this as part of your gas ducted heating installation or we can retro-fit it to an existing ducted systems.

The addition of an Add-on cooler gives the benefit of being able to cool the whole house through the same ducting as your gas central heating and controlled from one controller. Add-on cooling is most effective when the installation has zoning.

Celsius Heating & Cooling Ballarat primarily recommend Actron-Air for add-on cooling for performance and reliability.

How does it work?
Add-on cooling is a refrigerated system which has an indoor and an outdoor unit.
The indoor unit is attached to the Gas Central Heater which drives the cool air through the vents to cool your home.

Can you add Add-on cooling to my existing gas central heater?
That depends on the age/brand of your gas central heater, the airflow and the size of the existing vents. We don’t recommend add-on cooling for underfloor vents but every situation is different. The easiest way to find out your options is to arrange a site visit, we can then assess your set-up and it’s suitability for add-on cooling.

To find out more about the system and compare with other systems please get in contact for a friendly, no obligation quote.