Not many people know, but Celsius Heating & Cooling Ballarat can also fit Skylights.

Skylights are the perfect way to bring natural light into your living space.
We have Skylights to suit most applications and have a range of optional extras including;

  • Ventilation Add-on kit – combine with the skylight to help drive condensation out.
  • Light Add-on kit – the addition of an energy efficient LED bulb for night-time use.
  • Daylight Dimmer – to control the amount of light entering the room.
  • Styles – including optional shades and diffused light covers.

Skylights can be fitted to your Lounge, Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining, Hallways, Entry, Closets, Laundry Room, Bedroom, Garage, Office… anywhere.

Celsius Heating & Cooling only fit the superior brand product Solatube.


How it works
Skylights are the most energy efficient form of lighting. Harnessing the power of the sun and creating a bright natural light for any space.

  1. The Raybender® 3000 Technology Dome captures sunlight from outside. The patented design captures the low-angle daylight and reduces overpowering summer daylight to give a consistent light capture.
  2. The Spectralight® Infinity tube reflects the light downwards to the diffuser.
  3. Depending on the diffuser it can be used to soften the light or enhance the light depending on your space.

HowItWorks Skylights

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