Gas Ducted Heating

With our fully qualified and experience plumbers, Celsius Heating and Cooling Ballarat can supply & install Gas Ducted Heating for your home.

With the continual rise in energy prices, gas ducted heating has the edge on reverse cycle when it comes to both energy efficiency and performance – and with upto 7 star Gas Ducted Heaters now available, gas ducted is the best choice for heating your home.

Celsius Heating & Cooling Ballarat only recommend the best brands for Gas Ducted Heating.

How does it work?
Gas ducted heating works by drawing air from inside your home through a return air grille, the air then flows into the central heating unit, where it is warmed and distributed to each room via a network of ducting. Giving you warm gentle air. The option of zoning allows you to control the temperature in each of the rooms for better comfort and lower running costs.

Can I get a gas ducted system that also does cooling?
Yes! If it’s a new installation we can include Add-on cooling to the installation. We can even retro-fit it to existing installations. If you’re considering having a gas ducted installation done and want the option of add-on cooling at a later date, please discuss this with our technician at the time of the consultation so they can offer a compatible heater.

To find out more about the system and compare with other systems please get in contact for a friendly, no obligation quote.