Ducted Splits

Ducted Split system offers the benefit of being able to heat & cool the whole house/office through one system. The optional zoning allows you to turn the heating/cooling off in different rooms, allowing for better control. The cool/warm air is moved around the house/office using ducting – typically installed in the ceiling or underfloor with a selection of vent colours and designs to suit your home decor.

We have a selection of systems to suit all applications and budgets.

Ducted Split systems are popular with homes in non-natural gas services areas. Primarily due to the cost effectiveness as their means of heating in winter, cooling in summer, as in most cases it is cheaper to run in heating mode than a LPG gas central heater.

Celsius Heating & Cooling Ballarat only recommend the most economical and reliable brands of ducted split systems.

Ducting is normally positioned in the roof space or under the floor space directed to the rooms that require heating or cooling.
The indoor coil is positioned in the roof space or under the floor and the condenser is placed outside.

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